What is Medical Coaching?

Medical Coaching is a process of unlocking your potential, to enable you to grow beyond your current situation with your condition. With emphases on both the mental and emotional realms, it addresses the “whole person” …. body, mind,  spirit, emotion and environment.

It’s about creating a structure for change, resilience, and fulfillment with the outcome of enhancing well-being. The process helps you find answers within yourself rather than someone telling you what you should or should not do.

With the help of a Professional Medical Coach you can identify personal goals aligned with your core values. Together we work to achieve them. Your path forward between diagnosis and living will be illuminated.

At the heart of Medical Coaching is thriving beyond illness!

What medical coaching can do for you

  • Discover new perspectives, belief systems and personal resources to help face a medical challenge
  • Integrate core values and life vision into medical treatment
  • Set relevant and responsible goals
  • Address the “in-between space” between diagnosis and living
  • Re-program and manage traumatic memories related or triggered by a medical crisis
  • Teach relaxation and self-help techniques
  • Provide emotional support throughout the process
  • Develop empowering communication skills used with caregivers, medical teams, family and community 



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