Over the last five years, I have been a full-time caregiver to my husband who suffers from Lewy Body Dementia. I was also supporting my son during his cancer treatment which included multiple surgeries as well as chemotherapy. I was struggling to maintain both my physical and mental wellbeing for myself to provide the best possible care to my loved ones. My struggle left me floundering through each day feeling like I was in "crisis mode." Nancy's medical coaching provided me with the direction that I needed to focus and establish realistic goals for myself. This process allowed me to meet my daily challenges without sacrificing my own health. Nancy's nonjudgmental care and concern were invaluable!

Leslie D
Caregiver for Husband

I had been through many challenges & life altering events over the past several years. I needed to find myself again & I wanted changes in my life. I wanted to live purposely, intentionally, happily & passionately. Nancy helped me go through this process & helped me discover the ability to do all this & more. It was empowering.

Healthcare Business Owner

My life seemed to constrict when my diaphragm became paralyzed. Many things thought essential to a meaningful life suddenly seemed out of reach. Through Nancy’s careful listening and close questioning, narrow views and unexplored attitudes that limited my options came to light. With her help, I released these self- imposed restrictions and turned to focus on exciting and meaningful things that my new circumstances made possible! Two months ago, I felt depressed and limited. With Nancy’s help, I am again looking forward to a future rich with possibility.

Thank you!

Mark VanLeit
Retired Teacher, Monk and Attorney


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