How is Medical Coaching Different from Therapy?

  • Medical Coaching is a non-clinical experience. Many times, therapy works with a clinical diagnosable disorder
  • It holds the client as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole rather than as someone who needs healing, rehabilitation, or to be changed to be better
  • A Medical Coach believes the client has the answers within him or herself. Through powerful questions and specific experiences, the client identifies his or her own answers.
  • The coach’s focus is to uncover new capabilities within the client
  • Emphasis is given to the present and future rather than the past
  • The work focuses on the “learning” from an experience with no attachment to the outcome 
  • Addressing the meaning behind something is not important to the coach; in therapy this is a large part of the work
  • Setting clear goals which are solution-focused is a hallmark for Medical Coaching. The Medical Coach encourages the client to be accountable for the goals that are set
  • Medical Coaching assumes the client is NOT their illness but rather so much more!



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