How it Differs From Health & Wellness Coaching


  • The “change” that chooses the client is the medical diagnosis.  In Health Coaching the client chooses the “goal” (i.e. weight loss or increased exercise routine)
  • Articulating a positive goal during a difficult situation is what takes place in Medical Coaching
  • Medical Coaches are comfortable and familiar with emotional overload (i.e anxiety and despair).
  • Chronic stress shows up for the client in Medical Coaching as opposed to acute stress. The stress remains for the duration of the illness.
  • Medical Coaches work with trauma in the context of medical diagnosis and medical treatment
  • Medical Coaching addresses loss of health and trust in the body, not just end of life 
  • The concept of living with an “invisible illness” is often addressed in Medical Coaching.
  • Medical Coach’s address physical pain in their clients.
  • The approach that a Medical Coach uses regarding taking medication or following a medical protocol is “adherence”.  Adherence is aligned with the client’s beliefs and values. The Medical Coach helps a client to look at what’s possible if they do or do not take medication or follow the prescribed course of treatment. A Health Coach uses “compliance” which is the degree to which a client/patient “correctly follows medical advice. Health and Wellness Coaches typically integrate their work with nutrition and exercise counseling.


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